Sunday, 9 May 2010

Walks and Dives

Today has been a pleasant day indeed. I woke up with the sun shining and the temperature warm. A lovely day to be outside (and not revising....never mind).
It had been prearranged that I would join Pippa, Adam, Sebastian, Willit and Indy for a dog walk today (Willit and Indy both being dogs). Indy had never met Willit or George before, so we were unsure how it would go. But fairly confident it would be fine.

George is the lovely golden retriever on the left, whilst Willit is the bear-like beast at the back on the right. Indy, the newcomer to the the one being chased. They will all become super friends I am sure. Indy was gorgeous. She is (like Willit) a cross between a Husky and Mallamoot. Though she has the build of a husky, unlike the bear.

I also went diving today (as mentioned about yesterday). The waters were a lovely greeny blue, with a lovely 10degrees C temperature. We did 2 dives, both shallow, as the OW course was still being run. But we saw a lovely starfish, a number of large edible crabs (no, I didn't eat them), 2 baby dogfish and a number of anemones.

It was very pleasant, I am now tired and feeling guilty due to lack of work being done for exams. I am sure everything will turn out will....won't it?

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