Saturday, 8 May 2010

Elections, Diving and grounded boats

So, the election came and went, as I mentioned previously. We voted, but the country could not decide who we wanted to lead the country, so we have ourselves a 'hung' government. I am not sure entirely what this means. Something to do with the parties having to make deals to agree a majority leadership...or something. I dunno.

The conservatives had the most votes, but not enough, so maybe the lib dems and the labour will combinate to create a new team or Liberal Labour. or something. who knows. Stupid though really.

Today is Saturday, and I was down the beach doing shore duties for a local dive centre. I was going to dive with them, as my friend was doing his open water dive. But the weather was grey, cold and wet. So I decided to sit in the car with my hangover and be warm and watch, make sure no one drowned. However, tomorrow I am going to join them within the sea for a splish splash around. Hopefully the visibility will be good, if not, I can look forward to an hour or two of looking at greenness. 

I was not alone on the beach, there were a number of families and dog walkers strolling along the beach, many of whom were stopping to admire the grounded lifeboat that was on the shore, due to failed engine or something. 

As you can see, it was quite cloudy, though this picture doesn't do it justice. 

Sabina called this evening, it was lovely to speak to her, I do miss her terribly. She is doing much better in the IDC, and is now an assistant instructor in SCUBA Diving, with the final instructor exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. My thoughts are with her, and I wish her lots of luck.

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