Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Election Day

The big day looms! For those of you who are not from the UK, you might not realise it, but we are voting in the 'General Election' tomorrow. A chance to use our voice to vote in some real change...Or stick with the same old safe option.

I have never been that excited about politics, infact, I was more interested in the American election with Barack 'long legged mack daddy' Obama and that other fella whose name escapes me. However, tomorrow, as an adult, I get to have an input into the future of our country.

Since I am undecided, I am likely to take the tactical vote and do what I can to keep the conservatives out, I am not a fan of David Cameron. So I shall stick with Gordon 'the smiler' Brown and see where I end up. I hope to be out of the country for much of the 5year reign anyway, so fingers crossed.

On a more comical and less political note...I saw a drunk man fall down today. It was 3:00 in the afternoon. Classy times! I also went climbing today, and now my arms feel like I pulled an elephant up a hill....actually, that makes it sound like I weigh as much as an elephant. Scrap that. Stick with I climbed up a wall a lot and my arms *really*  hurt.


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  1. same here, I'm not fond of politics and my country will also have a national election on monday and i'm not voting haha!

    thanks for dropping by at my blog and for the follow.