Thursday, 6 May 2010


I had a weird dream last night, well, it was more a collection of dreams interweaving and getting all complicated. Maybe this is why I am always tired, does have dreams make you more tired? I wonder. hmmm?

The first dream was a normal happy scuba diving dream with lots of fish. Then it became some kind of jamesy bondy kind of shooting spy thing, then there was a hippo. and some more scuba diving.

To be honest, the Hippo was the confusing bit, possibly the hippo has some significance in dreams, maybe it means if I continue to scuba dive for a long period, I will be come a hippo? I dunno, I wouldn't like that much though.

Speaking of hippos. Does anyone know how the BBC got all those hippos to swim in a circle like they did? I was impressed.

Clever isn't it?

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