Tuesday, 25 May 2010

2 down!

Today I had 2 of my 5 exams. The first, "Principles of Biomonitoring" was fine...whilst I was answering the questions. Then came the moment I spoke to the lecturer about it afterwards. "I did this...."   "You did? why did you not draw a graph" "uhhh... exact answers are not provided with a graph".

Still, wait and see on that one.

Second exam "Coastal Conservation". Was much better, 1 hour long and threw in a few references, discussed New Jerseys methods of coastal management and also mozambiques, along with a couple of studies from Europe. I feel it went well.

Next up...Environmental Technology. I have 15 questions. 6 of them Might come up. 3 of the six have to be answered....Do I play the percentages and go for the risky minimal revision, or do I push on and learn it all?

It is sunny again today, I was sat next to the window in my exam...I was melting.

That is all.

Love and Peace

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  1. We had the graph question last year, but Serg did say that there was more than one way to answer that question and it could be done without the graph! Bet you've done fine. And nice one on the coastal! (I did myself proud with my latest coastal assignment - 72%! Get in!)

    Good luck for tomorrow, it's a bit of a pain with having to learn so many answers but a few of them are interchangeable so it's not as intense as you first think, and once you get in there and start writing it'll all come to you.

    Hope the rest of the week goes well for you Neily :)