Monday, 7 June 2010


Considering my distaste of public transport and the general public (no offense), I managed to cirumnavigate my way to Ibiza. 12 hours of travelling, including car, coach, underground, train, plane, bus and van allowed me to arrive at my new home for the next 3months.

it was a glorious arrival, after a crappy flight (i dislike planes). my welcoming committee were there and happy joyous greetings were made. It had been too long since i last saw the lady.

I have since arriving at 1am, wasted no time. i was up and in the van at 8.15am and starting work. i now am relaxing a bit whilst there is some quiet time. did sales and what not at the pools today. it was a nice day.

i will post some pictures and the like of the area and stuff soon. my camera is not with me at the moment. so i will get ut out and take some snazzy pics for you all to admire. and be jealous of.

thanks for reading.

peace and love

ps. the shift button isn't working on this computer, that is the reason for the lack of capital letters. i have to hit 'capslock' each time i want to do one. and yes, you might say it would have been quicker to do that, than write this explanation. but i am a quick typer, don't worry about it.


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