Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I drove for 10hours in the last 30hours...or something. 1/3 of my time spent driving, Impressive no? I drove a friend to Gatwick airport yesterday morning, and since I am leaving the country for 3months on Sunday, I thought it'd be a good idea to visit my Sister and Niece in Exeter. I haven't seen them since February, She has grown very much (niece, not sister). She is 6months old now, and gorgeous. She was very fun, with lots of smiles. especially when she bounces, she loves to bounce.

I drove home this morning after spending the night down there. I was awake by 8am, though not sure if it was habit, or due to baby noises waking me. I normally wake up early, so I presume that was it.

Look how happy she is with me! She loves me.

On a different note, as I mentioned. I am leaving the country for the summer on Sunday. Flying off to Ibiza for a summer of sun, Scuba and relentless work. I look forward very much. I have been away from Sabi for too long now. It is time we were reunited with joy and smiles.

I am still short of some essential items I need before I leave, shorts (more), sunglasses, flip flops. Serious issues I am facing. Need sorting quick sharp me thinks.

over and out.

Peace and love

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