Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hungover Sunday

Last night, the bald Matt had his leaving/birthday bash. He is going to Ibiza next weekend for the summer. So he had a leaving celebration, and early birthday thing. I didn't need to go really, as I will be in Ibiza with him come June. However, I did my duty and turned up. I ended up quite drunk. But it was good fun.

Today has been hungover, watched two films (Bridge to Terebithia and Good Luck Chuck). Both enjoyable films, one is a comedy, one is a bit emotional. I will let you work out which one was which. I also did some revision, and then went for a walk on a beach and did some pebble balancing.

After we were finished on the beach, we walked back to the car, to discover that the car park was being locked up. This, we felt, was bad news for us. Luckily, we were not the only ones locked in, and someone else had a good idea of digging up the wooden bollards on the grassy fence to the car park to allow escape. We did put them back afterwards, Let no-one think we are mindless vandals. Locking the car park when there is still an hour of daylight left is crazy.

Pictures of balancing to follow.

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